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You’ve read the articles and watched the videos. You know Coach Patrick is redefining marathon training and racing. Now you can take your running to the next level by using a Marathon Nation online training plan. Whether you are looking for a new way to train, want to simply get faster, or are chasing that elusive Boston qualifying time — we’ve the right training plan, six months of coach support and much more!

Please Note: Our training plans are for runners of all ability levels looking to conquer the Marathon and Half Marathon distances!

Coach Patrick has built a reputation for being the coach of the Real-World Runner. You have a job, a life, and you still want to be successful as a runner — now you can! Using our high-quality training plans built on training with pace and customized using frequent fitness tests, you’ll soon be on your way to that marathon finishing line!


How It Works

You Purchase An MN Online Plan…

With marathon and half marathon training plans for every ability level, you can’t go wrong. Designed to build you up from day one to race day, our plans are built to be custom. Every plan is built on our PRO System®, a series of fitness benchmarking tests that allow us to integrate your personal training paces into your training plan. Now every workout is relevant and just challenging enough to ensure progress without over-training!

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You Complete A Survey…

Coach Patrick reads and responds to each survey with specific guidance and suggestions on how to best structure your season given your constraints and goals. List up to five total races, including your “A” event, and Patrick will outline the road map to get you to the starting line ready to rock.

Get Access To Our Tools & Resources…

You already know we have a growing library of training articles by Coach Patrick. You might not know that we have our own custom Training and Racing Pace Calculator. Or that we have four recorded Online Seminars on critical running topics. Or that we add new resources to our online library almost weekly…yes, we are that committed to making your a faster, smarter runner!

11 MN Training Plan Options

Couch-to-Marathon Plan, 24wks

Marathon, 24wks,  Beginner
Marathon, 24wks,  Intermediate
Marathon, 24wks,  Advanced

Marathon, 12wks,  Beginner
Marathon, 12wks,  Intermediate
Marathon, 12wks,  Advanced

Half Marathon, 12wks,  Beginner
Half Marathon, 12wks,  Intermediate
Half Marathon, 12wks,  Advanced

We also have Post Race Recovery plans for all distances, as well as Goofy Challenge Specific plans.

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You Get Six Months of Online Support…

In addition to the detailed online training plans and integrated resources, you also get six months of Team and Coach access via our online forums. You can connect and learn from your running peers, get advice from our resident PT expert in the Injury Forum, share your progress and ask Coach Patrick all of your burning running questions.

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It’s Like Your Own Personal Running Coach!

Having coached endurance athletes for years, Patrick has firsthand experience at running coach-client relationships. The online Marathon Nation community hands down outperforms 1-on-1 coaching. We are here for you 24/7, we share our lessons so we all grow smarter together, motivation and support is a click away…in short if you are willing to plug in, the possibilities are endless. All at a fraction of the price of full-time running coach!

Marathon Nation Benefits

“I have to say, the execution plan was excellent. I got to mile 10 with enough energy left to actually race the last 3.1 miles. It was way more energizing to be passing people that being out of gas those last miles. I carried my own water and gels and even ran past the aid stations. I was also pleased with myself that I didn’t quit in mile 12 when it really started to hurt.”

“I’m looking forward the Marathon Nation Training Plan and hope to set my goal for the Detroit Free Press Marathon based on my vDot set today.”

— Steve M.

“Training and execution methods promoted by Marathon Nation helped me post a 9 minute PR on a tough Boston course. Marathon Nation methods let me start the race seeded 12079, but finish 3901. That’s fully 2/3 the field that qualified faster than me that I beat by training and racing smart.”

“No coach or training method can do the work for you, but I’m convinced that this philosophy allowed me to get the most of out of the work I put in.”

— William Jenks

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I change plans at any time?

Yes. You can change the ability level and or distance of your plan via the Training Plan page, which has our full suite of 10+ training plans. That said, your six-month window will not be extended unless you choose to continue with Marathon Nation.

What if I’m still not sure?

If you have any questions before signing up, then we’d be more than happy to answer them. Click here to send us an email with your questions or concerns. If you ever have any problems or concerns about billing, please email us and we’ll fix it right away.

What types of payment do you accept?

We accept Visa, Mastercard, and Discover. Once you select your plan you will be able to select your method of payment. All of our payments are handled securely by Payflow, a leading web payment facilitation infrastructure.

Is there a recurring fee?

No. Your payment gets you six months of access. At the end of those six months, you’ll have the option to renew for another 6 months for only $119 — a savings of almost $50!

What if I’m not satisfied?

We offer a 7-day money back guarantee for our online training plans. If you are not satisfied, simply cancel your membership and contact us via email and we will refund your money immediately.