Online Training Plans for Runners

As of July 2018, all Marathon Nation training plans are now hosted On Endurance Nation ( — and as a Marathon Nation reader you can access these plans at a 50% discount!


Marathon Nation was originally founded as an extension of the Endurance Nation experience back in 2010, When Coach Patrick, was recovering from a broken hip sustained in a cycling accident.

Since its inception, Marathon Nation has given long distance runners great insight on training and racing events of all distances. By switching our plans to Endurance Nation, we can now offer all of our athletes the chance to use world-class plans on the leading online training plan platform — Final Surge.

Instead of just buying a single PDF plan, athletes can now subscribe to gain access to all Endurance Nation running plans as well as our online resources and coach support. Now thanks to Final Surge, you can have your plan online / on your smartphone and synchronize it with your various training devices. From 5k to 10k, from the Half Marathon to the Marathon and beyond, we have you covered with all of our training plans.

Here’s how you can access the training plans and save:

  • Visit Endurance Nation online:
  • Choose the PlanEN level of service.
  • Use the code MNSAVES50 to take 50% off the price of membership for first six months!
  • Once you are signed in, follow the prompts to access our plans and get guidance on your season.