About Coach Patrick

Coach PatrickCoach Patrick’s passion for running began years ago as a weight-loss project in Middle School. He has since completed more than 20 marathons (2:59 personal best) and 16 Ironman triathlons–including five trips to the World Championships in Hawaii. Patrick has been coaching endurance athletes since 2001, helping literally thousands of athletes cross their finish lines of choice.

Over the years, Patrick has built an understanding that the most “complete” runners aren’t the ones who simply train the most. Instead, the fastest runners are healthy individuals able to balance the demands of training with their daily lives. They typically have above-average body composition, follow a well-rounded training program, have the mental strength to push to the finish line when it mattered and, above all else, really enjoy their day-to-day training.

You might not know how best to train, what gear to use, or what race to pick. You lack information, and might not have a lot of support from your friends. What you need is a place where you can make a plan, get educated, and be motivated on a daily basis. You need a place where you’ll get encouragement from others on the path to total marathon fitness. That place is Marathon Nation.

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More Than Just Training Plans

You’ll also get access to our online resource library, with online forums to connect with your fellow runners and with Coach Patrick. You’ll get expert advice and get your own personal questions answered by the head honcho himself. That’s in addition to your training plan! And if you opt in for our Plan Club membership, you’ll get access to all of our training plans and unlimited support!

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The PRO System® = Pace, Race, Optimization.

Coach Patrick created the PRO System® to help everyday people realize their running and fitness goals through our simple, actionable approach to training. Now you can leverage the training and racing secrets of the most successful runners to create your own path to running fitness and a healthy lifestyle.

The PRO System® was founded on a commitment to holistic, real-world fitness because we know that achieving your best is very important to you. We can relate. We’ve logged thousands of miles and have shared both the highs of crossing the finish line and the lows of not even being able to make it to the start.

Pace: All our plans and training guidance is pace-based off of functional metrics you provide at the start of your program. No more chasing imaginary times or over-training until injury — the intensity of your plan is customized to your ability.

Race: At the end of the day, you are training to race. You will get fitter and stronger every single day, but the ultimate measure of your progress is what happens between the start and finish line of your goal race. Our proven race execution protocols will ensure you race to your potential on the big day.

Optimization: Actual training is only a fraction of your day-to-day life as a runner. Nutrition, strength, flexibility, technique, injury management, mental strategies — these are integral parts of a “complete” running program. Every PRO System® training program  incorporates elements from each of these core areas to ensure your complete development as an athlete and runner.

Are you Ready?

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