Half Marathon, Advanced Level [12 Weeks]


Perfect for the Advanced Runner looking for a breakthrough or to set a personal best, this 12-week plan will get you 100% ready for race day. You will build your mileage up while balancing weekly interval and tempo runs. Every workout has a quality main set — even the long runs. By the time you reach race day you’ll have done the hard work required to be ready for a great outing.


No more vague workouts. Say goodbye to plans built simply around mileage. Eliminate junk miles. Take control of your Half Marathon training!

Patrick has been coaching distance runners for over a decade. You will not find a more detailed, realistic Half Marathon training plan. Get ready for your first or prepare to set a new personal best!

arrow There is just one type of half marathon training plan available — the Half Marathon Race Preparation plans listed below. If you are looking for more than a 12-week build up, we suggest you start with an 8-week Get Fast plan first, then transition to your Half Marathon training.

arrow These are the 2nd edition of our half marathon plans, built for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced runners. Interval sets and run distances are adjusted to allow for different ability levels.

arrow Every plan includes Pace and Heart Rate intensity guidance, additional race execution and pacing resources, and online coach support through Facebook and Twitter.