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Here you’ll find the meat-and-potatoes of our website — real guidance & information for the marathon runner in all of us. If this is your first time here, you’ll notice that most of our lessons are very different from what you’ll find elsewhere on the web. Right now all of these resources are 100% FREE!

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OK now on to the important stuff — the tips! Below is a very initial list of resources. This will grow quickly as the site matures. Eventually we’ll break this page up into sections and subsections you can surf through.  This will give you an easy way to find the appropriate technique video you’re looking for.

Videos from Coach P

  • Proper Marathon Pacing
  • Hill Bounding 1 & 2: Learn how to properly run hills!
  • Mid-Season Marathon Madness
  • Marathon Pacing Webinar: Parts 1-6

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PRO Strides

  • Deriba Merga, Boston Marathon 2009 Winner (Added 8/3/2010)
  • Ryan Hall on the Trails (Added 7/14/10)
  • Elite Runners @ Boston Marathon 2010: Part 1
  • Elite Runners @ Boston Marathon 2010: Part 2

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