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Boston Marathon Pacing Sheet (Free Download)

13 April

floating sneakers
Creative Commons License photo credit: Philippe Put

With the Boston Marathon mere days away, there are few things left to remember (including the sneakers above!). As you get ready to face the journey from Hopkinton to downtown Boston, you have undoubtedly spent time planning out how you will pace your day.

The course is deceptive, and fools thousands of runners each year into thinking they are going to have a great performance…only to crush these dreams over the final few miles. But there IS hope…you can race smarter.

To help you with this process, Coach Patrick has created a Boston Marathon specific pace planning tool. Simply enter your Goal Pace Per Mile (or KM) and the tool will give you an average pace for each particular section of the race.

>> Download the MN Boston Pace Planning Tool Here

If this is your first time here and you are preparing for Boston, you should:

Thanks for visiting Marathon Nation. Have a great race and be sure to drop by our Facebook page to tell us how your race played out!

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