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Marathon Q & A: How Long To Rest Between Marathons?

01 July

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I have a question regarding rest time after a marathon.  I just finished my second Boston and I am not sure; a) how long I should rest my body b) what kind of rest to give my body?  Example, two weeks, a month, 3 months and what kind of rest example, stop completely for two weeks. Only do short runs for the next two months, 7 miles or less.  I have never really gotten an answer on that.  If you can find an article on this.  It would greatly help me between marathons so my body doesnt bonk.



We have an internal plan of about 4 weeks of transition time/activity to get back. In general we encourage zero running for the first two weeks. Instead consider walking, cycling, or any other form of cross-training. A massage can also help promote faster recovery.

A large part of how you recover is a function of how hard you training up & raced. Some folks bonk and walk so much that they really aren’t in a bad spot at all. Others need more time to recover mentally so they can build up their training again. Being ready physically means nothing if your mind is still out to lunch!

I personally fall somewhere in the middle. Given you have finished boston, I think you could target a late Sept / Oct marathon and fare well!




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