Get Fast
Intermediate Level
[8 Weeks]


This 8-week plan is perfect for the Intermediate Runner looking to do their second, third or fourth 5k or 10k — you have experience!  The Get Fast plan will get you 100% ready for your 5k or 10k race day. These 8 weeks will quickly build your fitness through weekly interval and tempo runs. Every workout has a quality main set, even the “long” runs. By the time you finish the plan you’ll have done the hard work required to be ready for a great race!


All work, no fluff. There is nothing here just focused on mileage. Do the right work to build your speed and have a breakthrough 5k or 10k!

Patrick has been coaching marathon runners for over a decade. One of the biggest problems he has found has to do with miles…lots of long, slow, steady miles. After months and years of training for marathons with long distance runs, most athletes have lost a significant portion of their high-end fitness.

Of course, they still want to get faster at the marathon…and so they do the only thing they know how: add more miles and harder interval work to their existing workouts.

Doubling down like this is only so good for so long, until either an injury happens or burnout ensues.

It’s much better to do a specific block of speedwork when not training for a marathon — you have more time to recover and more opportunities to run faster.

Get Fast now…then Go Long with your marathon training!!!

arrowThese are the 1st edition of our Get Fast plans, built for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced runners. Interval sets and run distances are adjusted to allow for different ability levels.

arrowEvery plan includes Pace and Heart Rate intensity guidance, additional race execution and pacing resources, and online coach support through Facebook and Twitter.