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Operation Motivation Pt 3 – Self Talk Edition (No, You’re Not Crazy)

09 July

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The hardest part about running to our potential is the knowledge that, at some point, our body will want to quit.

Flat out quit. And I don’t just mean start walking quit….I mean fall into that ditch over there and pretend we’re having a stroke quit.

But not everyone succumbs to the temptation to pack in their race. Some folks thrive on this moment of extreme challenge…for them, it’s a time of clarity, of insane physical truth.

But it’s not easy.

Anecdotally, the folks who seem best equipped to deal with these challenges have experience with self-talk.

Self-talk here is loosely defined as that mantra you repeat to yourself to get through the challenging times. It could be something personal, something motivational. It could be a happy though (You can do this!) or it can be angry (We don’t quit!!!).

We want to know what YOU do.

So please join un in our quest to create a fantastic compilation of running resources for all of those un-motivated moments that we all experience.

This week’s challenge is to submit at least one personal mantra or self-talk quote to our Facebook Page ( that gets you fired up to run!

We’ll record them all and include them in our book!

Thanks and please spread the word!

~ Coach Patrick

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