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Race Report: Martian Half Marathon

11 April
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Weird but Fast

We’re still in beta but the race reports are starting to come in already. The 2010 road racing season is in full swing weather you are ready for it or not; and some of these folks already are using our free race guidance. If you like what you see here, secure your spot by signing up for our WaitList and getting your 14-day peek inside Marathon Nation starting on 4/19.

“Let’s start with the numbers.

I built my pace sheet using a vDot of 34 based on a 56:57 10k I ran in September 2009. This set my pace at 9:57 for miles 1-3, 9:37 4-10 and 9:43 for the rest of the race. I was a little excited and ran the first mile in 9:36 then I settled in and hit 9:57 and 9:51 for the next 2. Then I picked it up at mile for and hit 9:37, 9:35, and 9:31 for the next 3. Very close to being dead on pace.

The turnaround point came and I got a little carried away with 9:18 and 9:27 for the next two. I realized it was to early still and dialed back and popped off 9:39 and 9:30 to get to mile 10. This was the point I decided I was feeling good and would turn it on. It was also encouraging because I was picking off people like crazy and I only remember getting passed by a handful of people from mile 11 in.

I ran mile 11 and 12 in 8:46 and 8:42 and managed to get my heart rate over 180. Mile 13 was back to near schedule pace of 9:37. At this point I could see the finish and gave it all I had. By my Garmin, I ran the last .18 in 1:22 which was 7:50 pace and I was passing people all the way to the finish chute. My finish time was 2:04:35 which was ahead of my 2:07:17 schedule. I had 2 thoughts the whole race, keep the cadence up and trust the pace.

I have to say, the execution plan was excellent. I got to mile 10 with enough energy left to actually race the last 3.1 miles. It was way more energizing to be passing people that being out of gas those last miles. I carried my own water and gels and even ran past the aid stations. I was also pleased with myself that I didn’t quit in mile 12 when it really started to hurt. I’m looking forward the Marathon Nation Training Plan and hope to set my goal for the Detroit Free Press Marathon based on my vDot set today. If you are interested, you can see the stats from my Garmin at

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  1. Barry Morse April 13, 2010 at 2:58 pm #

    It’s hard to beat the instantaneous and long-term feedback you get logging your activities on Garmin’s connect. Use it really consistently and you’ll be amazed at the trends you can pick up on.

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