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Interview with Jason Fitzgerald of StrengthRunning.com

01 June
Jason Fitzgerald

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jason Fitzgerald from StrengthRunning.com. Jason is an incredible example of how you can turn adversity into triumph. Six months of severe IT Band syndrome led Jason to start StrengthRunning as a resource for other runners.

Going Mental: A C.A.S.E. for Mindful Marathon Planning

13 June

After the marathon, most runners simply…keep running. No downtime. No rest. No reflection. No time for growth…and ultimately no room for it either. Any marathon finisher will tell you the importance of being 100% mentally prepared for the challenges of race day; yet few choose to exercise their mental muscles in the post-race window when […]

Rapid Recovery For Runners

05 January

With the Goofy Challenge mere days away, and the growing popularity of more hard core running events that let you stack up serious miles like Reach the Beach or Bay to Breakers, this article is meant to address the need for almost instant run recovery. Success in endurance running events has less to do with […]