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Run Re-Entry Protocol [Includes Basic Plan]

27 July

Getting injured sucks. No really. There’s the actual pain, and then there’s the “I’m not working out!” pain. Then Physical Therapy. You have to do time in Run Jail and fight the evil lizard brain that wants you to just give up. Then rehab doing stuff like Pool Running and using the Elliptical Machine. But finally, after what feels […]

Pool Running for Runners

15 June
Pool Running

One of the best first steps to getting back to proper running can be completed in the pool. Pool running is essentially a weightless version of running that allows you to mimic the motion with zero cost your body.

Interview with Jason Fitzgerald of

01 June
Jason Fitzgerald

I hope you enjoy this interview with Jason Fitzgerald from Jason is an incredible example of how you can turn adversity into triumph. Six months of severe IT Band syndrome led Jason to start StrengthRunning as a resource for other runners.

Making the Elliptical Machine Work for You

11 May
Classic Elliptical

In our last post on Beating the Injury Mindset I mentioned several running alternatives. Foremost among them is the elliptical machine. In this article, I’ll outline the pros and cons of using the elliptical. I will also provide a few sample workouts. Elliptical machines are in almost any gym, anywhere. You have definitely seen it before. It has […]

Beating Your Lizard Brain When Injured

04 May
To Run or Not to Run

Time off. Down time. Run jail. Whatever you call it, there’s no hiding from the fact that you aren’t running. And it’s driving you crazy. If you’re a Type A athlete like most of us, any interruption of your normal life is incredibly painful. “Run – Eat – Work – Sleep – Repeat” is long gone. […]

15 Minutes a Day to Stop Getting Injured and Start Getting Loose [Guest Post]

07 July
Screen Shot 2016-04-22 at 2.25.40 PM

Stretching is as important to running as running. Left untreated, tight muscles can be the difference between lining up on the starting line for a race, or watching it from the sidelines.

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