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Time to Giveth: Free Running Resources

22 December

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The holidays are upon us and if you are anything like me, you are probably a little disenchanted by the rampant commercialism of Christmas. Don’t get me wrong, I love my family and friends and love to make them happy…but do any of us really need what we are giving? There’s a tiny — but growing — part of me that feels like if we could just pool the money from these “extra” gifts and put the funds to something bigger and better, we could really have an impact, say, on the life of a girl in the developing world. But that’s a post for another blog and another day.

Instead of getting all depressed, however, I set out to find a few really cool FREE things that could help runners this winter season.  Save your money for something that matters and still help someone out…doesn’t get any better than that!  If you have any additional resources you think are worth mentioning, please post them in the comments below…thanks!

Free Weekly Workout: Strength Running (Go Now)

Written by my good friend and running colleague, Fitz from, this guide was born out of the struggle with doing the same workouts over and over again. It’s meant to be inspiring and motivating. It will help you spice up your training, get out of a running rut, and build new fitness. One new workout a week means you won’t be bored again until 2012!  Get It Now >>

Free Running Awareness & Improvement: 29 Tips eBook (Go Now)

This book was initially written as a “one run a day for thirty days” type challenge, but it morphed into something much more than just run workouts. In my examination of what it means to improve your running, I look into how other influencing forces such as mental focus, technique, and community, all can combine to improve your ability and desire to run. While running is little more than the simply act of tying up your shoes before you run, it’s what happens when we are running that transforms us. Use the 29 Tips book to reinvigorate your running and get back on track ASAP! Get It Now >>

Free Self Care Advice: Athletes Treating Athletes (Go Now)

I firmly believe that running is at the core of human nature; we may not have been born to run, but running certainly changes how we interact with the world we live in. But it’s not all gumdrops and fairies…sometimes things do go wrong and you’ll have to recalibrate and get better or face severe injury. The good news is that most of what goes wrong for us can be identified early and, if treated aggressively, will go away. Knowing you have to get fixed and knowing how to get fixed are two different things entirely, and this is where Athletes Treating Atheltes comes in. The brainchild of Leigh Boyle, ATA has videos and advice on taking care of the most troublesome areas. You’ll be sure to find a plan of action here!  Get It Now >>

Free Online Yoga: Flexible Warrior (Go Now)

Self care isn’t just about damage control however. The best athletes have a solid preventative care program in place to make sure that potential sidelining injuries are diverted or avoided altogehter. Karen Dubs of Flexible Warrior has built a great set of tools and resources for athletes looking to stay healthy and fit, and her YouTube channel has tons of useful video clips you can use. Get It Now >>

Free Running Articles: Marathon Nation Email Subscription (Go Now)

And finally, one more plug for what I do here on the Marathon Nation blog. Once a week a solid article to help you become a better, more mindful runner. Totally free. Every Wednesday. In your inbox…you have literally zero excuses. If you are already subbed, then please pass this on to someone you think could benefit! Sign Up Here >>

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One Response to “Time to Giveth: Free Running Resources”

  1. Fitz December 22, 2010 at 4:24 pm #

    Thanks for including 52 Workouts, 52 Weeks, One Faster Runner in this round-up! It’s very appreciated. If anybody has any questions, please feel free to email me anytime or hit me up on Twitter (@JasonFitz1). I’m glad to help out my fellow marathoners!

    – Fitz.

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