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40 Miles on My 40th Birthday to Raise Money for Clean Water

23 February

What: A 40-Mile run to raise money for a clean water project.

Where: Barrington, RI

When: March 8th; the run starts at 8am, ending between 1pm and 2pm. There is no rain-date…it’s going to happen, no excuses!

How: 40 miles run as 8 trips around a 5-mile loop course.

clean water

Why Give Up My Birthday for Charity?

At 40 I officially don’t need any more presents! Besides, all of the cool kids are doing it and together we can really make a difference for a village in need of clean water.

Why March 8th?

(1) It’s my 40th birthday.  (2) March 8th is International Women’s Day. Traditionally women & young women are the ones burdened with the daily task of obtaining water.

Can’t Make It?

No worries. Please help spread the word about the run to your friends via email or online. If you are feeling generous please make a donation online to the cause.


Donations Optional

We have the potential to eliminate water insecurity — and many of the related issues — in our lifetime. The best way to help is to direct funds to organizations such as Charity:Water, who put 100% of donated funds to work in local communities that need access to clean water. I am hoping to raise $10,000 for a water project, and am asking for $40 donations. But anything you can give will make a difference.

The Plan

I will start running at 8am from on the 5-mile loop course. I will be running approximately 8 minutes per mile pace, but will do my best to avoid slowing down over the course of the day.

The Route

A five mile loop (MapMyRun here) over rolling terrain. Highlights include running by the Rhode Island Country Club and the amazing view, a ½-mile off-road section next to Echo Lake, and just over a mile along the East Bay Bike Path.the run route

Note: Many of the images in this post were taken directly from the Charity:Water website.


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