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Yoga as Cross Training for Runners

18 December
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photo credit: Robert Bejil Photography   This Off Season, Cross Train with Yoga for Improved Athletic Performance The off season is an ideal time to add yoga and flexibility to your training routine to help you build a stronger, more limber and balanced body, recover faster, and reduce your chances of injury all while increasing […]

How to Be an Eco-Friendly Marathoner

11 March

When it comes to eco-friendly exercise, outdoor running is about as low-environmental-impact as you can get. It doesn’t require much in the way of gear. You don’t have to drive to a field or other location in order to train. You can run in virtually any environment or weather conditions (except lightning storms). If you […]

Theresa Miller NYC Marathon Race Report (Plan B – Space Coast Marathon Race Report)

04 December

New York City Marathon 2012 Race Report   Cancelled L   Oh wait! Now what? What do I do with all that fitness??   Space Coast Marathon 2012 Race Report   Way back in the summer I filled out an application to be a race reporter for Marathon Nation. I was registered for NY Marathon […]

Patience in Marathoning

22 February

Why Patience Plays a Huge Role in Breakthrough Marathon Performances Marathoning is one of the most challenging, rewarding and character-building sports you can participate in. I have never experienced more trials and tests in athletics until I began training for the classic 26.2 mile distance back in 2002. Ironically, the same issue that plagued me […]

The Fundamentals of Running Shoes: Stay Injury Free

11 January

photo credit: RVWithTito As runners, our shoes are the most important piece of equipment we utilize.  Accordingly, one of the most important decisions we can make is choosing the right shoes for our foot/running style type.  Our shoes absorb the impact of running, help properly align our legs, hips, and spine through stabilization, and keep […]

Mark’s Marine Corps Marathon

30 November

photo credit: Noel Feans Mark Tominaga Marine Corps Marathon, Washington DC, 10/30/2011 Race Website:  Overall Time: 4:02:20 PR Goal Time: 3:56:00 Background: My running (jogging) began in Jan 2010 after I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes at age 51. I learned that aerobic activity combined with a low carbohydrate diet helped me reverse my […]

Pre Run Yoga Warm Up

23 November

photo credit: BozDoz Often when we think of yoga, images of stretching, meditating, or even awkward gumby-like poses come to mind. As a runner, we thrive on forward motion and the thought of sitting still to stretch with a bunch of “flexible people” is not so appealing. And besides that, it’s unrealistic for many runners […]

Mastering Post-Marathon Recovery: How to Repair and Rebuild

09 November

photo credit: electric.porcupine [] Marathons are becoming more and more popular. In fact, 8.6% more people participated in marathons in 2010 than in 2009! As they become more accessible, it’s important to remember that a marathon isn’t like any other race. It’s much more. Because of its distance, the marathon will inflict more damage to […]