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Post Marathon Recovery

13 April

Congratulations! You just completed a marathon and whether or not you met your goal time, you have earned the right to take some serious time off. In fact, your ability to recover well will determine the real outcome of the marathon – your fitness. This article will outline why we need to recover and give […]

Marathon Speed Work That Works

29 March

The marathon is perhaps the most readily accessible human-powered challenge in all endurance sports. Successfully completing a 26.2 mile event is both a physical and mental accomplishment. Race day is, however, the result of months of training and hard work in preparation for a single attempt at the distance. As the miles and time spent […]

Marathon Nation: How We Train

25 March

Courtesy MikeBaird on Flickr With the release of our recent blog post on Rethinking the Long Run, there have been a lot of questions about exactly how we structure our training to make sure that we actually do get fitter by training smarter. After all, pretty much anyone will agree with the desire to get […]

Re-Thinking The Long Run

14 March

After months of training and focus, and race day is getting closer seemingly by the minute. You’ve put in countless miles and have one last hurdle to clear before you can tackle the marathon: the long run. For many marathoners, the long run is a physical and mental test to make sure they are on […]

Boston Marathon Strategy

03 March

The Boston Marathon is considered by most runners to be the crown jewel in the US marathon circuit. There are certainly bigger, faster, and more scenic races on the calendar, but none test the physical and mental mettle of a marathoner like Boston. If you are fortunate enough to qualify, then you have to prepare […]