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Episode 12 – The Winter Run

22 February

Join Coach Patrick from Marathon Nation ( for another weekly running podcast. This week Coach P covers how to best manage your winter running given the changing weather — you need to be consistent and effective, but how can you stay true given all of the constraints? – Know Your Workout Goal – Review the […]

2012 Holiday Run Challenge by Marathon Nation

21 December

8 Days, Tuesday to Tuesday, 12/25 to 1/1 Stay fit and have fun this holiday season — Join us for an 8-Day Run Challenge! This is a solo challenge to keep all of us fit and active over the gap week between Christmas and New Years; we’ll track our results online to encourage and motivate […]

Theresa Miller NYC Marathon Race Report (Plan B – Space Coast Marathon Race Report)

04 December

New York City Marathon 2012 Race Report   Cancelled L   Oh wait! Now what? What do I do with all that fitness??   Space Coast Marathon 2012 Race Report   Way back in the summer I filled out an application to be a race reporter for Marathon Nation. I was registered for NY Marathon […]

Key Couch To Marathon Training Secret: Keep It Social

15 October

Author’s Note: This is the second installment in our new “Couch to Marathon” instructional series designed to help newbie marathoners make the most of their first race (first one is here). From training to racing information, we’ll cover the fundamentals that all beginner runners should know. If you have any additional questions, please find us […]

The Real Meaning of the 10% Rule

17 August

People realized years ago that runners might try to do more in their training than their bodies could handle, that is, they might do too much too soon. Over time, suggestions about increasing distance and speed were formalized into the 10% rule. This rule became one of the foundation-stones of recreational running. However, some people […]