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Episode 19 Marathon Training and Training / Racing Nutrition

12 April

Join Coach Patrick from Marathon Nation (www.marathonnation.us) for another weekly running podcast. This week Coach P talks macro level nutrition and the reasoning behind fueling your training sessions. – Fuel workouts so you can fuel your race. – Fuel workouts so no bad workouts. – Fuel so no binge eating. Coach Patrick also covers: – […]

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Pool Running for Runners

15 June
Pool Running

One of the best first steps to getting back to proper running can be completed in the pool. Pool running is essentially a weightless version of running that allows you to mimic the motion with zero cost your body.

Beating Your Lizard Brain When Injured

04 May
To Run or Not to Run

Time off. Down time. Run jail. Whatever you call it, there’s no hiding from the fact that you aren’t running. And it’s driving you crazy. If you’re a Type A athlete like most of us, any interruption of your normal life is incredibly painful. “Run – Eat – Work – Sleep – Repeat” is long gone. […]