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Testimonial: Barbara K.

30 November

Marathon Nation LogoTestimonial: Barbara K.

Note: From time to time we get athlete feedback via our blog, Facebook page and/or Twitter account. We love to pass this good mojo on to you, our fans, as a means of showing you that good solid training plus execution can equal the breakthrough performance you are hoping for. Good luck!  ~ Coach Patrick
I took your advice and did 8 miles total, with the 10K at steady half-marathon pace (it’s a new pace for me, about 0:45 faster per mile than I’ve run HMs before I joined MN.)  I focused on keeping an even 180 cadence even on the hills, and made a new PR for that particular race.  It was challenging at certain points, but I think I’m beginning to get a better handle on pacing – I knew I wasn’t ready to sustain tempo pace the whole way (yet), but was encouraged to see that I could in fact keep going at my new and improved HM pace.

I really appreciate you taking the time to give me advice – I’m pretty new at this “fasterness” — was stuck in LSD mode for years, and didn’t really know how to focus my training to improve.  I am really amazed at how quickly this training program is taking effect!


– Barbara K.


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