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Testimonial: Matthew Anderson

26 November

Marathon Nation LogoTestimonial: Matthew Anderson

Note: From time to time we get athlete feedback via our blog, Facebook page and/or Twitter account. We love to pass this good mojo on to you, our fans, as a means of showing you that good solid training plus execution can equal the breakthrough performance you are hoping for. Good luck!  ~ Coach Patrick


Hi Patrick, just wanted to say thank you for the good advice you gave me a few weeks ago. I ran a 1/2 marathon in preparation for a full I am doing in a few weeks.

By setting realistic goals and actually going into the race with a plan. I was able to set a PR My goal was 1hour 45 minutes, and I came in at 1 hour 39 minutes. By pacing myself and not just running.

I was able to achive what I wanted and even more. I am sure without your help I would not have been able to do it. THANK YOU!!!

~ Matthew Anderson


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