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The Marathon Team Spirit

07 July

MN Gang Sign

Inside Marathon Nation we are focused on getting you as fit as possible without sucking up every available hour in your day. We believe that running is more than a set of workouts, but that it’s a lifelong journey with lots of little daily steps. You can see how we train here.

As the head coach of Marathon Nation I am 100% focused on creating great content and making sure that our members are fully supported in their training. But every now and then I am reminded at just how unimportant simple workouts can be when they stand up to the community and vibe that’s growing inside Marathon Nation.

The picture of Janine above is just one example of how our members are connecting outside of the basic training plan. And it’s not just happening on training runs, it’s happening at the races and as members plan fun “training” events to get together and share their passion for running.

Marathon Nation is a long way from being your local running club, with all the amazing local connections that such a group can develop. But we aren’t just some fancy training algorithm either! Real people, real training, real results!

Go have some fun!

As always, I just wanted to thank you for subscribing. This blog is a success because of you and your support. Here’s to your fitness!

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