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Operation Motivation 2012 (AKA No More Bad Run Days): Part 1 of 3

25 June

Now That's A Beach...

Ever Have A Bad Run Day?

You know the one where it went south in the middle of the run? Or maybe you didn’t even start? Maybe you ran out of steam in a recent race and never got it back? Maybe you are struggling with an injury or similar set back?

We all have.

It’s part of what makes us runners.

If it was all easy, they’d call it “funning” or something entirely different.

No, we run because it’s an amazing gift but also because it’s not always a given. The highs and lows are part of the territory; how you handle them is what defines you as a runner.

Ever Save A Bad Run Day?

Things were looking bad, but then you pulled through? Maybe it was the right song…maybe it was the words of a friends…maybe it was something within you. That “thing,” that spark that turned the tide…that’s the gift of motivation. It’s something to treasure and to hold on to…and to share with others.

Paying It Forward

Because if it worked for you…it can work for someone else. So let’s not be stingy — share the love!

If we have our way, in a few short weeks every single one of us will have an amazing set of resources that will help us overcome any motivational issue!

Here’s How It Works

Each week we’ll put out a call for a particular form of motivation. You can submit yours by posting them to the Marathon Nation Facebook Page here:

If you have more than one quote or picture, etc., feel free to submit multiple times!

Of course, you’ll want to check back across the week to see what your fellow runners have shared…and encourage others to share too!

What’s In It For You?

Our crack team of archivologists will be recording it all. And when it’s all said and done, we’ll have a shiny new PDF eBook. You can download it for free and keep it handy for those rare occasions when your motivation disappears faster than Usain Bolt!

Week One Category: Most Motivational Quote

Time to dig deep and find that one quote that really gets you pumped to run again. It could be inspiring, it could be affirming, it could be in-your-face-tough or maybe it’s just funny.

Whatever it is, please head over to our Facebook page to post it to the wall:

The deadline for submissions is this Friday, June 29th.

Thanks again in advance. Please share this with your friends so we can make this project truly special.

~ The Marathon Nation Team

photo by: sbox

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