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The Six Weeks of Returning to Run

01 December
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Join Coach Patrick from Marathon Nation ( for another weekly running podcast. This week Coach P breaks down how to get back to running after some time off. He covers Introverted vs Extroverted Runners…and outlines the basic plan that everyone should follow when getting back up to speed with their running (or just starting out)! Subscribe […]

Picking the Right Running Cadence

18 May
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Common knowledge holds that a cadence of 180 foot strikes per minute is optimal. To achieve this, your left and right feet each hit the ground 90 times in a minute. The rationale is that this cadence will help you maintain good form. Good form reduces the chance of injury. And running with good form for longer periods of […]

Making the Elliptical Machine Work for You

11 May
Classic Elliptical

In our last post on Beating the Injury Mindset I mentioned several running alternatives. Foremost among them is the elliptical machine. In this article, I’ll outline the pros and cons of using the elliptical. I will also provide a few sample workouts. Elliptical machines are in almost any gym, anywhere. You have definitely seen it before. It has […]

2016 Boston Marathon [Plus Videos]

21 April
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It’s that magical third Monday in April. The time of year when spring has sprung, even if it doesn’t show up on race day. The time of year when everybody is #BostonStrong. Monday was the 2016 Boston Marathon Monday! This year’s edition featured a good wind and temperatures in the low 70s. The weather was perfect for spectating. […]

2014 Boston Marathon Race Report

22 April
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In what was part of my comeback trail, the return to Boston was an event I’ve been looking forward to all year. I got it done, but it wasn’t pretty. Note to self — I definitely need to do a better job of learning to respect the marathon distance. Includes splits are more…

The Ultimate Boston Marathon Overview Part 2: The Training

16 April
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Training for the Boston Marathon is unique on three distinct levels. First, it’s typically your second marathon training cycle within a 12-month window. This brings some complications and opportunities that we’ll explore later in this article. Second, everyone wants to perform at their best (of course!). And finally, the bulk of your training will take […]